Fedex ground route business plan

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FedEx Careers - Available Jobs Positions

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Independent Contractor Opportunities

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The entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly in many Americans who yearn to be independent business owners, and many of those folks look into buying a FedEx route. Need a FedEx Ground Request for Information (FedEx RFI) as an existing or new FedEx contractor.

We can help and have the experience. So if there is a posting on buildagroundbiz or you need a RFI for another reason please reach out to us. Travel light this summer. Head to FedEx Office and drop off your luggage, golf clubs, souvenirs and business materials. We’ll pack and ship them for you.

Our staff are former FedEx Ground contractors, top school MBA graduates, and Expert Witnesses on FedEx Ground route matters. We consider ourselves very detail oriented, independent, objective, and leaps above the services the other "route consultants" attempt to.

FedEx Corporation is an import/export company, incorporated October 2,in Delaware. FDX Corporation was founded in January with the acquisition of Caliber System Inc.

by Federal Express. With the purchase of Caliber, FedEx started offering other services besides express shipping.

Fedex ground route business plan
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